Breaking Life

Long Patterns

November 27th to 29th, 2020


About This Retreat

Schema Therapy is an integrative approach drawing on CBT, gestalt, psychodynamic and many interpersonal therapeutic models, which places significant emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, emotional experience, and early life experiences. Farrell and Shaw (my trainers and supervisors) developed a format for delivering Schema Therapy in a group setting that has been shown to be highly effective on its own, and in combination with individual Schema Therapy. Indeed, the data seems to suggest that in some situations, Schema Therapy can work more swiftly in a group or when group therapy is added to treatment, than individual therapy alone. Groups, in their nature of being like a family, can provide a strong re-parenting vehicle to effect change in individuals with personality disorders, life long issues and difficult to change psychological, behavioural, cognitive and emotional problems. The group process seems to catalyse some aspects of the change process that may be slower in individual work. The intense emotional activation that is necessary for change in Schema Therapy, takes place readily in a group setting. Indeed, Group Schema Therapy treatment for drug and alcohol and other addictions is also extremely effective as these groups disinhibit affect, creating strong motivation for behaviour change and the strengthening of the Healthy Adult mode.

This specific weekend workshop will have the focus and emphasis on modes, specially coping modes, as modes are “responsible” for maintaining schemas (life defeating patterns) untouched/unchanged (see more about schemas and modes at the International Society of Schema Therapy website

We will also be using body work techniques as well as breathing techniques, emotional release and mindfulness and meditation to accelerate and intensity the awareness and changing process. This is a closed group, entry depends on availability and assessment.

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About The Group Leaders

Caio is a passionate and dedicated therapist with over 16 years of experience working with adults and adolescents. He studied clinical psychology in Brazil in 1998 at PUC-SP, graduating in 2003. He moved to The Netherlands in 2005 were he specialized in addictions, body work therapy, group therapy, therapeutic community approach, residential therapy workshops, emotional release and meditation (including social meditations).

Caio moved to the UK in 2008 where he then specialized in personality disorders and continues his professional development. He has completed his training in many different approaches including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Individual Schema Therapy, Group Schema Therapy, Child & Adolescent Schema Therapy, Psychodrama, Psychodynamic, etc Caio has also dedicated over 20 years to his own personal growth and therapy and he is especially passionate about this. He loves to grow and learn about himself as well as to support others in doing the same. He has worked as a consultant psychologist to some of the most important and well known private hospitals in the UK as well as for the NHS and other government bodies (including the National Personality Disorders Programme).

CSPsy Caio G Rocha AFBPsS, Consultant Psychologist, Personality Disorders and Schema Therapy Programme lead/specialist
Associate Fellow and Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society. Member of the International Society of Schema Therapy, Individual, Group and Child & Adolescent. Schema Therapy Trained and Certified. DBT Trained, Adults and Adolescents

Navajata is a Humaniversity therapist and consultant with more than 20 years experience as a therapist in the areas of Emotional Wellbeing, Anger Awareness, Responsibility and Addiction. His personal search started after an extreme life trauma and his heart began to open when he met Osho and then Veeresh at a time when he was battling with addiction.


He has spent over 17 years at The Humaniversity in The Netherlands and has been part of the team at Osho Leela since June 2019. Along with his intense life experience, he brings empathy, clarity and understanding to his work with people.

For further information about Navajata and The HumanUniversity -

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Breaking Self Defeating Life Patterns Retreat

Start: 6pm, Friday, November 27th 2020

Finish: 6:30pm, Sunday, November 29th 2020

Location: Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE

Dormitory accommodation as standard (Separated Male and Female)

Private Room Options Available

All Meals Included 

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 of only £330*.

*If purchased before 01/08/2020.

This is a closed group, entry depends on availability and assessment.

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Why Residential?


This retreat will take place at Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE.


National Express buses to Shaftesbury/Gillingham (not very frequent): See the National Express website at or phone: 08705 808080


Trains from London Waterloo to Gillingham every hour or so. Journey time: 2 hours. Phone: 08457 484 950 (Southwest Trains) – Timetables available on the web at: – (type ‘Gillingham Dorset’ in the destination box or you will end up in Kent!!!)


Take the M3, leave at Junction 8 to take the A303. Follow this until Mere, then take the B3092/5 left to Gillingham. You will see brown signs to Caravan/Camping – follow these until you reach the B3081 at traffic lights. Turn right and then take the second left into Broad Robin which becomes Common Mead Lane. Follow this for about 3/4 mile until just before the speed limit signs – Thorngrove is on the right. 

What is Re-parenting?

Limited Re-parenting flows directly from schema therapies assumption that Early Maladaptive Schemas and modes arise when core needs are not met. Schema therapy’s aim is to meet these needs by helping the patient find the experiences that were missed in early childhood that will serve as an antidote to the damaging experiences that led to Maladaptive Schemas and modes. Limited Re-parenting, paralleling healthy parenting, involves the establishment of a secure attachment through the therapist, within the bounds of a professional relationship, doing what she can to meet these needs.

To learn more about Limited Re-parenting and Schema Therapy -


Our Host, Osho Leela runs a vegetarian kitchen.  They do their best to meet the most common food requirements for their guests and generally avoid wheat, dairy and refined sugar in our cooking.  Dishes will be clearly marked if they contain any of the following: wheat/gluten, dairy, egg products, nuts, mushrooms & sugar. For these common food intolerances, an alternative will be provided at a separate table.  If you have a food allergy not mentioned above, please make it known to the Osho Leela Booking Office before your arrival on 01747 821221 or by email:


We have comfortable sleeping accommodation for up to 70 people in the main house, either in dormitories or a few private rooms. We also offer a number of private rooms in the mobile homes and pine cabins on our grounds.
Dormitory accommodation is included in event prices unless otherwise stated. Private rooms can be booked at an additional cost and subject to availability.

Bedding is provided; you will only need to bring your own towels.
There is free WiFi in the main house and also in our grounds (covering the pine cabin and mobile rooms).

For further details -


Please refer to the below documents concerning our Cancellation and Privacy Policies. If you wish to contact us concerning these policies -


Our Residential Therapeutic Retreats, which are group-based, offer a unique opportunity to deeply process emotions and past experiences to create profound and long-lasting change.

Individual out-patient therapy, which is more time limited and requires you to separate therapy from the rest of your day can interrupt the therapeutic process.

The residential setting acts as a catalyst for this change process; the intense/amplified emotional activation which occurs in a group, is essential to Schema Therapy and creates an immersive and un-interrupted therapeutic experience. Groups, in their nature of being like a family, can provide a strong Re-Parenting element which has been shown to be extremely effective in treating individuals with personality disorders, life-long issues and difficult to change psychological, behavioural, cognitive and emotional problems.

Taxi from Gillingham: Cost £5 approx. – Phone: 01747 850385  / 822228 / 835317, 07734 253039

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